Friday, February 27, 2009

WALMARTOPIA First Sketches

Yuri's Night Countdown:

43 Days until Yuri's Night!!!!

The big YN news this week has been the official sponsorship of Stoli! Did you know that Stoli was the first vodka consumed in space?
You can see the tube of Stoli right there...1975 during the Apollo/Soyuz mission...depending on who you ask, some people will tell you that the Russians pasted vodka labels on to tubes of borscht...but I ask you, do you think that any self respecting cosmonaut would just bring the label and not the vodka? No way. So here's to Stoli, and Yuri Gagarin! NOSTROVIA!

Here you can see the last of the Mumbo scenery before I schlepped it up to NYC...

Elephant and Seal Animal Banners, MUMBO
Acrylic on Black Velour, 4'x8' each

So, MUMBO opens in Baltimore next month (whoops, next month is suddenly Sunday...)

This Tuesday was the Clarendon Mardi Gras...
I was helping escort the Obama Family in the parade, so this is the only picture I've been able to scrounge up...

Lastly, I have fired the first salvo in the design for Walmartopia. I kinda have a hard time with this script. It can come off as kinda preachy...and it begs for a huge budget, so its a challenge on many levels.

Walmartopia first sketch
Pencil, watercolor and photoshop

I have a production meeting with the director tomorrow, so hopefully we will both come together on the concepts I am attempting to illustrate here. I am trying to rely heavily on projection in this show, because the script calls for a different location in every we cant change scenery very easily...but we can change projections as well as the clothes on the two cutouts of WalMart should be funny during the hooters sequence...

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