Friday, August 31, 2007 is LIVE!

MRTIKI.COM is live! I have finally gotten off of my tuchas and made a webpage for the magnet set. I know, its a bit rough around the edges, but it is at least a web presence for the product...I plan to tweak the sight a bit (like adding a paypal link, instead of sending them to my email) and then announce MrTikihead on Tikicentral later this month. So click the link below and get your set now before they are all gone!


Once again, a rendering of the magnet set

I am going to be brief because I have to go to a production meeting for Joseph, but I will leave you with a rendering of the painters elevations for that show:

Joseph...Painters elevation
Photoshop sketch

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cats! Dogs! And DISCO!

After the Nats game on Wednesday, and Weird Al on Thursday, it was looking like my week couldn't get more exciting...until...

KT's 30th Birthday Disco Extravaganza at the Doubletree Skydome!

Although they weren't actually playing disco in the rotating restaurant, a good time was had by all!

Simply put, this week saw the completion of two pet oriented projects, Al and Ralph. First, Al (the clipped-eared mascot of the Palace of Wonders) was completed on Friday, and will be installed tomorrow.

"Al" Valance for Palace of Wonders
Acrylic on Luan, Approx 4'x7'

And I made a final push to get Ralph the dog's portrait done on Monday...
Ralph the Dog
Oil on Canvas, 36"x30"

So, after all that, I hope not to paint anything with fur for a while...(however, I do need to do some more monkey paintings for ArtRomp20!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Photos of Super Secret Show! Mermaid not so much...

So our good friends at Furcafe have just posted some great photos of Trixie's Super Secret Show! I've pulled the best ones of the scenery (natch) Enjoy:

This one is my favorite, its got all of the silliness and Film Noir mood rolled into one!

Unfortunately Furcafe did not seem to make it to the Virgin Festival, so the only documentation I could find of the Mermaid Misting Tent was from random people on Flickr:

Because it was so misty, the above photo is what most people's photos looked like...How was I to know that it would be so misty in a misting tent? At least I polycryliced the heck out of those flats...they are probably warped real good now!

To complete this post, I'll briefly tell you that we got the Buick back from North Carolina...and KT is looking at trading it in ASAP (something about being an "old lady car"...she might be having a "30's" I'll cut her some slack)

I also painted out the rabbit on the Palace of wonders sign, in preparation to paint "Al the cat" in its place...more on this as it develops...And lastly, I'll tease you with this fragment of a design I am working on for another (not Trixie related) secret...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Feels like I am slacking...

I don't know why I have been going around feeling like I have been slacking this past week. I guess it was the fact that I didn't have any extremely pressing deadline to meet. Upon reflection, I did get a few things done this week after all.
First, I was able to chip away at the tattoo I have been working on. I don't know if I will be able to get a final design to him before burning man, but I think some large strides were made.
Tattoo Sketch
Photoshop, 3"x5"

I am getting close to the end on this design. I need to redraw the whole thing so that the tattoo artist can translate it into his medium...

This week also saw the completion of the Joseph... model. I did a 1/8" scale model of the set to show the producing staff on Saturday. Unfortunately, I don't have the model anymore, because I gave it to the director to show the cast, and I didn't take any pictures. I did, however, start a Vectorworks drawing of the set:
Joseph and the... Technical Drawings
Vectorworks, 1/8"=1'

TAP loaded into the shop on Tuesday, so that means that we are swinging into high gear for this production...expect pictures of progress over the next month and a half.

Speaking of theater, I have accepted the set design role for Batboy the Musical, with Landless Theater Co. (the same people who brought you Cannibal the Musical and Night of the Living Dead) at the DCAC. The tricky part is that Batboy opens the same day as Joseph...

This past weekend Hal and Ellen were in town. A good time was had by all...I even feel that they might have left too soon...

And lastly, I started work on a project that I have been putting off for far too long. I traded some jewelry for a painting. Well, a commission for a painting, Of Sandy's dog, Ralph. I decided to try to tackle the project in oil, a medium befitting portraiture of such a noble beast...I blocked in the color this morning:
Portrait of Ralph, in progress
Oil on Canvas, 36"x30"

Tune in next week to hear the travails of "the expedition of the Buick Century!"

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mermaid o' the Mist

Another whirlwind weekend. This Saturday I got to see the scenery for the super secret show in action at the Warehouse. My pictures are really crappy though...and I seems that I will have to wait for better pictures from the official Fringe photographer...which means I shouldn't hold my breath. Its a good thing I took those photos in the shop... the ones I posted last week...
Production photo of Trixie's Super Secret Show at the Warehouse Theater
This is the best I could get, without disrupting the show

I would like to make it clear that the show was friggin' FANTASTIC. I think that they should tour this puppy around the country, it was that good. (if they do that, I will have to talk to them about doing a program for the I can see my name in print as the "set designer"...but I take no credit for the desk....)

Anyway, after the super secret show, we went to Deb's housewarming party in Germantown. (we missed the opening of the splashpark around the corner of or house) and returned kinda late to the closing party for Art in Heat. We had to leave early from that because we needed some shuteye for the Yard Sale on Sunday. The Yard Sale made us some money, and got rid of lots of stuff, which can be counted as an overall success. That evening KT and I crashed hard, so we missed one of the many "farewell to the Warehouse" evenings. But that farewell was to be short lived for me, because on Monday night I accompanied Scott in the process of taking down all of the art in heat artwork and redistributing it to the artists. We joke about not wanting to do another one next year, but I think we might do another one...just you wait...(I also used this uncertainty to start rumblings about Yuri's Night 08)

So then the marathon effort of getting the Mermaid Misting tent backdrop made started. Yes, I was able to complete the project in under a week...and all told, perhaps only two days! The idea for the tent was to have some sort of underwater scene. So I wracked my brain for underwater imagery and came up with the idea of having Poseidon watersking on crocodiles. I did a quick sketch, and the rest fell into place...
Poseidon Riding Crocs
Pastel on black paper, 12"x16"

I was going to do this on three flats, the 4'x7' flats left over from Bill Crandall's Chernobyl show, hinged together. So I had to change to proportion of Poseidon a little bit, But all of the other elements seemed to fall into place...
Left Panel (Poseidon) of Mermaid backdrop
4'x7', Acrylic on LuanCenter Panel (Moai) of Mermaid Backdrop
4'x7', Acrylic on Luan
Right Panel (Diver) of Mermaid Backdrop
4'x7', Acrylic on Luan

And here's the finished product standing in the shop:Mermaid Misting Tent Backdrop
12'x7', Acrylic on Hinged Luan Panels

So, go on out to the Virgin Festival this weekend, and get cool at the misting tent!

Next week, I will have photos of the model for Joseph...and they start building in the shop!