Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artomatic roomies and a 18 foot tall tower

I have had lots of roommates in my life (I have a little brother, so it started early...) and I can add one more to the list: Andrew Wodzianski. That's right, I will be sharing a room at Artomatic with the ArtbyJared "Head Puppeteer"...

Check out a view from our room:

And here's a diagram of the same space...yep, its going to be a very small pillow fight...

I have another diagram for you...its of a Rapunzel tower that will be going into the lobby of Imagination Stage...

Here is the proposed tower in an early color sketch

Hopefully this time next week I will be showing you the final product!

And now, for no particular reason, a picture of a very happy Sookie:

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Boy, I ain't kidding about that post title...we had lots of pics this year, and they just keep rolling in! Today's post will just incorporate some of BYT's fantastic coverage of the show (you can read the round up HERE...THANKS RACHEL!)

The rest of the photos are from Jared Rodrigues, who you may have noticed roving the party all night...THANKS JARED!

I present these in pretty much no order, and without comment...other than to say it was an Out-of-this-world event this year, and that we are already planning for next year! WOOT!!!