Thursday, November 18, 2010


I wrote most of the first draft of the "script" for the Elvis' Birthday Fight Club this week, so I dont have much art to show you...other than this 13 sec video of one of the best props I have ever bought on Ebay!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Elvis' Birthday Fight Club and LTC Announce!

We cant keep it under our hats any longer...Although the website is not finished, and the set design is only a rough draft, and we haven't gotten all of the luchadors signed yet, I would like to give you loyal readers of BTT the first opportunity to clear your calendars for January 8th 2011...this year we celebrate the birthday of the King with our very special presentation of ELVIS' BIRTHDAY FIGHT CLUB!!!

Watch this space for updates concerning the the next day or so, you should also be able to visit and get up to the minute updates on the fighters, burlesque card girls and odds...

In a BTT exclusive, we have secured the first sketches of the set design for the show:

Landless Theatre Company is also making a big announcement this week. They are announcing their 2011 season IN HORRIBLE TASTE. You can get the official scoop this coming Saturday November 20th at the DCAC during their season announcement event and benefit for the DCAC. (info here)

LTC has a really great season ahead of it, and I would encourage all of the theater going publick to SUBSCRIBE! You get 4 shows for $65 (a $90 value!) and you get priority seating at the famously intimate DCAC theater...Season Subscription info here!

As a representative of the quality show you can expect from LTC, I will share with you the set photo from this past October's Evil Dead the Musical at the FCAC...

That sucker got drenched with roughly 50,000 gallons of blood each and every performance! (no lie!)

Friday, November 05, 2010


Thanks to everyone who made this year's Spooktacular such a villainous occasion! Below is a "best of" photo lineup of the festivities...Please email me if you have some favorites to add (perhaps we will make a Facebook group or something...)

Chicken and the Wolf

Dr. Venture, Poison Ivy, Elastagirl and Medusa

Villainous Velvet Villain Prizes

Hit List Game Card in order to win prizes

Someone Call Homeland Security...

Alec from Clockwork Orange guards the "Hero" Sandwiches...

Dance Party went til 4am!

This Mac Brought to you by Mickey's Grenades...

Inside the Karaoke Shark Tank

Tony the Tiger and that guy from the shampoo commercial...

Oprah & Gaga


Margarita Machine (Mr. Freeze's Truth Serum)

Death Ray from Upper Porch with LazerTag "Over Load" engaged

Death Ray from Upper Porch with too much Truth Serum

Family Reunion between Robot and Death RayUFC Champ Rocks out "Here I go Again on My Own"...

Richard Simmons dressed as Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro

A Traffic Cone...or Snooky...

Wicked cool Tron/Daft Punk costume...

Flying Squirrel Hijacking Death Ray

Moose and Squirrel barely escape clutches of Boris and Natasha

Mr. Bates and Guest

He's on a Boat

Mime's doing rendition of Elvis' "A little less conversation" (picked at lie!)

Kick Ass and Elastagirl

Duct Tape Girl, Gem and a Cyberman (who has become human again!)

The Devil and LazerTag...does it get better?

"Some of my best work!"

Shot of Death Ray voted "most arty"

Tron/Daft Punk still cool with the flash on...

Boris finally uses Ray Gun to kill Moose and Squirrel!

Birds of a Feather...

Arch Enemies, Batman and the Penguin

Karaoke Shark Tank (puppet sharks actually had frickin' lazerbeams!)

Back porches from Death Ray

The Firing Mecanism (careful the safeties are off!)

Spaceghost and Lady Gaga rock out in the Karaoke Shark Tank...