Thursday, March 26, 2009

Final Push for WALMARTOPIA

So, this week has been dedicated to the final push for Walmartopia. You can see that I have made some progress so far:

Wamartopia cutouts in various states of completion

But one of the Act II figures is pretty close to done:

And I was able to make the projection screen with little difficulty:

The most complete item is the Wal~Mart sign...I have changed it (hopefully enough) to avoid the wrath of the vicious corporate lawyers...

Walmartopia opens next Thursday (April 2nd) at the DCAC...go check it out before you are too busy with....

There are only 16 days until Yuri's Night!!!!

This week we made all sorts of behind the scenes progress...but most importantly, I made a quantum leap forward on building an arsenal of space rockets with the help of KT, Jaya, Kirstra and Todd...I don't have any pictures to show for it just you'll just have to come to the show in order to see our space fleet in action!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yuri's Night Countdown Clock:


So, as promised, there's lots to show you this week...Lets start with the completed flyers for Yuri's Night:

Front of the Postcard/FlyerBack of the Postcard/Flyer

Look for these to start popping up everywhere soon!

I also scored some really great set pieces from Signature theater...they were just throwing away a 10'x10' lightbox arch, two hefty doorframes, and silver curtains to frame it all....I have created the rendering below in order to start thinking about how the whole thing will come together to become the scenery for YN09...So, in short, its a work-in-progress...

First Sketch Set Design, Yuri's Night 2009
Pencil, Photoshop 1'=1'

The other gigantic news is MUMBO! It opened this week and even has this really great article in the Baltimore City Paper (you can click on the picture below to be sent to the article)

Here are some photos I took during load in (and when the CP photographer was taking the article photo)

Go see MUMBO this weekend...if you miss it in Baltimore, you will have to catch it somewhere else in the USA or Scotland!

And finally, I finished the set design for Act II of Walmartopia...

Set Design Wamartopia Act II
Pencil, Photoshop 1"=1'

The major component for Act II is the fascist figures flanking the's the sketch they will be based on:
Walmartopia Act II cutout figure design
Pencil and Photoshop 1"=1'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One month to Yuri's Night 2009!!!!

Do you like the new party logo that Alan Defibaugh created for us? you can see it in all of its vector glory at!

Its one month until Yuri's Night!!!!

Okay, so its been crazy these past two weeks, so much so, I skipped a posting last week. Unfortunately, it has been filled with intangible (or at least not picture worthy) moments that, although productive, do not make for great blog reading...

First order of business...the Yuri's Night press releases are going out this week...complete with this emergency image of Trixie and Monkey (they are really busy this week putting the finishing touches on MUMBO, so they had a hard time finding a spacey photo with both of them in I made one)

The rest of the progress this week belonged to Follies. I finally made the designs for the portals:

Woman Portals Design Follies
Pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator 1"=1'

The TAP carpenters are creating lots of sawdust cutting these 5' wide and 16' high ladies out of 3/4" plywood. Below is what they should look like during act I:

Follies Act I
Pencil and Photoshop 1/8"=1'

I promise to have more to show next week!