Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nightwatch, Before and After

I apologize, dear reader, that I have not updated this blog since April 23rd. A lot has happened since then, and I fear that someone who has been following my blog from deep inside an underground bunker may have given up hope, figuring that I never finished the Nightwatch painting. Well, fear not, O hypothetical subterranean crackpot art lover! I did indeed finish the Nightwatch. Below is proof (in sequence)

DAY 21

DAY 22

DAY 22

DAY 22

DAY 22

DAY 23

DAY 24

DAY 25

DAY 25

DAY 26

DAY 27

DAY 27

DAY 28

DAY 28

DAY 29

DAY 29

DAY 29

DAY 30

DAY 31




Installed the painting into the Anacostia Arts Center Theatre.

Final, official photo (Thank you, Stereovision!)
  The "Dispartment of the Nightwatch" happened on June 6th 2015 at the Anacostia Arts Center. Jared did a "Ted Talk" Style lecture about the history of big paintings and their influence on this piece. There were Burlesque performances by Gigi Holiday, Candy Del Rio and Lucretia Blozia. The second half of the event was hosted by Kittie Glitter. Each attendee was entitled to an 8 x 10 piece of the painting, cut out by the artist.

The Dispartment begins, with host Kittie Glitter
Last photo before structural integrity was lost
Before and After.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nightwatch Progress Day 9 Thru 20

Shortly after the last posting here at the Art by Jared Blog, I took a hiatus from the Nightwatch because of the impending Countdown To Yuri's Night event. C2YN was a success, and I have started painting the Nightwatch again! Here's Days 9 through 20

DAY 10


DAY 11

DAY 12

DAY 13

DAY 14


DAY 16 (March 21, beginning of hiatus)

DAY 17

DAY 18

DAY 19
DAY 20

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Nightwatch Snowday.

Week two of the Nightwatch. Snowed in today, so I cant make it in to work on the painting...but here's a roundup of the photos of this weeks progress:
Wide photo of total progress Day 8

Day 6 (curtains)

Day 7

Day 8

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nightwatch begins!

I am working on a big painting. Its going to be exhibited at the Anacostia Arts Center from June 1 to June 6. At the end of the night on June 6 I will destroy the painting in front of an audience.

That is the shortest way to explain what is going on. I will be sending out more details as June 1 gets closer, but for now, please enjoy some photos of the painting as it takes shape.
18' X 10' of hand primed canvas (thank you Andrew!) 

 a ground of raw sienna 

Day 1: Projected reference photos to set general composition, blocked in some color. The painting edges defined as 16' x 9'

Day 2: Begin defining figures in underpainting

Day 3: More figures, darkened background

Day 4: More figures, Dog and still life on table

Day 5: Underpainting of figures complete.