Thursday, May 16, 2013

Children's Ball Photos and Frankenstein.

Honestly, I strive to update this blog once a week, but there are parts of the year where it becomes very difficult to do because there is so much that is happening (and much of it is not photo worthy, or too mundane to bother the general public with...) So, this past month has been one of those times...lets play catch-up, shall we?

The unphotographed events worth mentioning are: The closing reception of Voltron's Corpse, Packing up from the C2YN aftermath, Hogo de-installing skullvis, Improving the Shop's painting "easel" and the C2YN thank you BBQ, 

Imagination Stage holds a "Children's Ball" once a year, and they kindly asked me to design it again. Each room has a different theme:
Empire State Building with Peach in the lobby (over 22' tall!)

Georgetown Cupcake Room...I built them this cart (I bet it looks better with the cupcakes on it!)

Game Show Room. This room had blinky lights and a gauge of progress for the contestants

Garden (flower pot decorating) Room with a 8'x12' backdrop of a section of a garden

 The other major focus of my attention these past few weeks has been the design of Richard Campbell's Frankenstein, which will be produced by Landless Theatre Company at Gala Hispanic. Its a "Prog-Rock" retelling of the classic Mary Shelly masterpiece. Below is one of the first sketches: