Thursday, November 17, 2011


Its that time of year again...time to check out what Landless Theater Company has in store for its upcoming season, and buy a season subscription!

With a Subscription you get three shows for $40! (it would normally cost you $75 for all three!...hell, you would only have to see two of the three shows and you would still be 5 bucks ahead!)

Check out this interview with Artistic Director Andy Baughman about the upcoming season: HERE

Now, on to personal Art By Jared business...The Isuzu Hombre is dead. After 11 years of faithful service (it was a 98 and I got it used in 2001) it has entered the "nickel and dime" phase...(I have already put about 2 grand into it this year...and a $850 fuel pump repair was the last straw). Anyway, the death of the Hombre has caused a veritable work stoppage artistically, seeing as I am frantically trying to find a new (used) truck that will not put me in debtors prison...

However, I do have some things to show. Ever since the Halloween party, I have been setting quick assignments for myself. That is, I have been taking 5"x7" pieces of board (canvasboard, luan, plywood, etc) that have been lying around the studio, and then painting from magazines and whatnot. I have set a rule that each one is declared done in no more than an hour. So, these are not intended as saleable art, but more a way to get me loosened up and thinking through some of the issues that a larger (and longer) painting produce. So, check out these sketches (I've been calling them "quickies") I'd be interested to know which ones are interesting to you...

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Happy Merry X-MASWEEN! Okay, show's over! Mr and Mrs. Claus need to get some rest!

Just a refresher on the design of the Nutcracker....

That's right, I'm such a badass that I am able to make it snow for our Spooky Christmas Halloween party! The nutcracker doesn't seem to mind...
 Here is a video of the nutcracker in action!

The rest of these photos are just a very small sampling of the party...

The Design for Karaoke Hell...

 One of the traditions that we have is to offer paintings as prizes for our guests (this year they won them by playing putt putt into the Nutcrackers mouth...if they got a hole in one, a ping pong ball would fire at them, and they could turn the red balls in for a velvet painting: (Velvet is really hard to photograph...honestly, these looked much cooler in person...I think its got something to do with digital camera's inability to register black correctly, as well as the camera trying to capture the nap of the velvet....)

KRAMPUS 9"x12" Acrylic on Red Velvet

LEG LAMP 6"x12" Acrylic on Black Velvet
SAD TREE 12"x12" Acrylic on Black Velvet
ZOMBIE REINDEER 12"x12" Acrylic on Black Velvet

ZOMBIE PINUP 9"x12" Acrylic on Black Velvet

So, that's most of the Spooktacular craziness...Thanks to everyone who made it out, you guys are truly the life of the party!....during the blackout of the past few weeks I have also been working on several other projects like:

A Concept sketch for a Mayan themed Pop-up

Six Flags Coaster Decor
Six Flags Coaster decor
...And things don't show any sign of slowing down in November!