Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harding X 3 = Fringe

Here's the photo of the Warren G Harding is a Rockstar backdrop in all of its final glory:

I'll be away for a few weeks, but I should have some good vacation photos for you when I return...see you in mid August!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Warren G. Harding, ROCKSTAR! (again)

During this weeks preparations for the upcoming European vacation I started working on the backdrop for this Summer's remount of the Landless Theater Company's President Harding is a Rock Star, which is being remounted for the Capital Fringe Festival

Progress Shot of the backdrop...8'x12' muslin
 The last time Landless did Harding was in late October of 2008 (only a few days before the election that swept Obama into office) So, at the time the Shepard Fairey "Hope" posters were everywhere....I wont bore you with the details when you can get the full explanation HERE

So, since Landless has been assigned the Fringe Festival "Tent of Doom!" again...the set needs to be much simpler. Consequentially, I am simply making a backdrop that will cover the back wall made up of three identical Harding "Crab" posters (kinda like a cross between multiple pasted-up posters for political campaigns as well as rock concerts)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Look Ma, I'm on the Tee Vee at Artomatic!

I only really did one artistic thing this week, I built a wall easel in my home studio that will enable me to paint larger paintings without sacrificing floorspace. Before this I had trouble painting larger pictures because I use a table easel, which means that if a painting gets too large I need to put the easel on the ground was a mess. So now with about $100 of pipe, fittings, tapcon screws and some clamps, I have an easel that lets me paint pretty darn big (in relation to the size of the room...If I want to paint really big, I just use the scenic studio in Arlington...) Of course, I am a doofus and do not have a picture to show you, so you will just have to take my word for it, its awesome.

Although this was shot a few weeks ago, this video was released this has a very short segment with me in it (around minute 2:17)

The other two notable events this week were the farewell party for Kirstra...she is going to Rochester with her fiance Patrick....she will be missed down here...

And, I was sat on a jury trial, which was the fastest one I have ever been on (two days!) I have been called to serve 5 times in the district and seated on a jury 4 times! So, I was very glad that the case was so open and shut.

Oh, and we took the Rapunzel tower down  Yesterday :(

Just a friendly reminder that the exhibition ELEVATOR TO THE MOON at the Artisphere closes this Saturday, so NOW is the last minute if you wanted to buy anything! Cheers!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Dropping off my (noun) to be hung

Artomatic has opened and things are moving briskly. I've sold some pieces, and have completed my three volunteer shifts. I was interviewed by the media twice about my work (one was for WTOP, and I dont think he used any of my soundbites...the other was for Arlington TV, and since I don't have cable television in Arlington, I don't know when, or if, it will air). I think I will try to make it to Meet the Artist night this upcoming that I may meet some of the other artists (I'm always looking out for new folks doing stuff that fits with Yuri's Night, or EBFC for that matter)

Otherwise its been a quiet couple of weeks...still trying to rebound after all of the Yuri's Night/Children's Ball/Red Palace Sign/Artomatic drama...

Of course, this weekend is the drop off deadline for ART LIBS (curated by Sherill Anne Gross)

 So, you get the idea from the postcard above...I was selected to provide a, of course its going to be somebody like this guy:

Noun-Singular (title withheld due to Art Libs rules) Mixed Media on Paper, 11"x 14"