Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Giant Peach on a National Landmark, and a Silly Video

I've made some sketches for this year's Imagination Stage Children's Ball. The event will coincide with their production of James and the Giant Peach. So, naturally, like last year's Rapunzel Tower, I will be designing an Empire State Building with a Giant Peach on top!

 Other rooms consist of a Countdown Clock Challenge, Flower Pot Decorating, a Cupcake Cafe and a video of a Giant Peach that kids can ride...

Also, I made this silly video that is a, er, "screen test" for the promo for Countdown to Yuri's Night 2013 at the Artisphere! Enjoy...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

...Odds and ends from the last couple of months...

Progress shot of the Lautrec backdrop for Hexagon

Dominion Stage's Avenue Q
The unofficial "logo" for the upcoming VOLTRON'S CORPSE exhibition at the Artisphere's WIP Gallery (running as a part of Countdown to Yuri's Night)

The other, more official, unofficial "logo" for VOLTRON'S CORPSE

Finally, Some Elvis Birthday Fight Club photos!

I am sorry that its been so long in coming for these photos, but better late than never! (BTW you can catch more of them at These are a "best-of" from our performances at the H Street Playhouse in DC and the Creative Alliance in Baltimore.

The Traditional EBFC opener

Kittie Glitter Jumpin' at the end

Clown Vs Congress (with Pie!)

Brown Lincoln

Maria Bella

Bear VS Bear

Boxers VS Briefs

Stephen Hawking VS Dianne Rehm

Douche VS Douche

Quaalude Toss

Congress "West Side Story" moves

The Douche's backup...Summer, Eve, and Massengill

Zombie Clown!!!

Submitted without comment

In the Ghetto with Lucretia Blozia

Gigi Signals the final round

Our Iwo Jima finale moment!


I recently made a giant robot head. It was a float in the Clarendon Mardi Gras this past week. I thought you'd be interested in seeing the process....

Rob Lindsay created the model of the Giant Robot Head scaled at 1"=1'

I started by creating a frame that was supported by the shaft of an old gymnasium fan mount. The pole terminates into a pillow block, so that the head will be able to rotate freely. The eyes, which were donated by Dave Moretti are old street light lenses.

The frame was then covered by four luan sheets creating the basic head shape

Vic and Ed show up to help me put the jaw on (and work through the electrical needs of the float)

Added a nose, upper teeth and sideburns to hide the pipe hinge in the jaw

Added eyebrows, moustache, ear domes, and lots of "bolts"

Grey paint job on the outside, black on the inside...also an antenna crown, complete with strobe lights!

Still photo on parade day!

This shows the scale a bit better...and the gold Caddy!
Check out this video (Minute 8:20 is where the Robot Head appears!)

And in this one, the head appears at 1:19