Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mac Problems

It seems that Blogger doesn't like macs. I can even spellcheck (let alone post pictures) from my mac at home. But my XP at work has all the bells and whistles...Oh well. I guess Ill have to wait to post those photos of Tommy that Sandy Kosel sent me. And I guess you will have to wait to hear me kevetch about my experences with LTA and Tommy (or more likely go through some tortured explination of why I shouldn't badmouth people on the web VS what good is this fourm, creatively, if I cant express my true feelings?)

Maybe Ill just take the whole damn thing off the web, and just keep it as a personal journal...Or I should write all this under a pen-name....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tunnel of Love

This is the graphic that is going to be on the invitations for our wedding. I think that it helps solidify (or perhaps demonstrate to our reluctant relatives) our intent to have a nontradtional, Halloween wedding. The orginal is 5"X7", done in my usual, cut paper then painted, manner.
The tunnel of love has been a theme of mine for a while now, and I am hoping to incorporate it into the scenery for the wedding.

Snappy Titles and Shaky Starts

Welcome to Between the Tines. This blogs main purpose is to serve as a repository of exposition, musings, photos, art and nonsense that have been cluttering up my sketchbooks for many years.

The simple fact is that I have always had a hard time writing by hand. I don't know what it is, but I don't have the patience for writing longhand. My penmanship is horrible. I can't stand the way my words look on paper.
The other problem with writing in my sketchbooks is that I think much faster than I write. Typing seems to alleviate some of that problem, but I still run unto trouble (namely poor sentence construction and spelling, thank god for spellcheck).

Lastly, the problem with sketchbook notes and musings is that they are directed at me. I have tried to write to "my future self", but that really feels phony. I always feel like I should be writing some grand treatise that will be some great revelation to me when I read it, fifty years from now. I have tried to solve this problem by writing letters to Johnny Cash. Don't laugh, it is a hell of a lot better to write your thoughts to someone "out there" (Johnny Cash just happened to be someone who I thought I could get to know better) than talking in some kind of narcissistic dialogue.

I may still write to Johnny Cash, seeing as he has been a good listener, lets just hope that he doesn't start commenting....

In the end, this is going to be a log. A log that happens to be on the web. I may spout off about something, but I don't intend for it to be taken too seriously. I also ask that all of you have patience with me, I don't tend to grasp the technological side of things quickly, so I might not have many links or photos for a while.

This is probably boring you to tears right about now, but, I just want to get one more thing out in the open. This is a public space. I may be more likely to say things here than I would in the "meatspace." Which means that I may wind up hurting peoples feelings. I don't know the best way to go about this. On the one hand I am inclined to try to be as brutally truthfull as I want to be, and on the other I have to consider the fact that the truth hurts. I don't think that changing names will really solve the problem because anyone involved could see right through it. Speaking in vague terms seems like it might water down the whole endeavor. I am going to have to think more about this before continuing. I wonder if there is a bloggers bill of ethics? or would that fall under etiquette?