Thursday, October 17, 2013

Short Clown Round Up and POP the Game Show

This week has been busy with two projects that I cant really talk about (not that they are secret, but it's rude to show progress shots of a production that hasn't hit the stage yet...that is, if it were exclusively my project, I wouldn't care...but since they are work for others, you will just have to wait until after the show opens) and last Saturday's POP! the Game I was only able to make two more clowns:

Clown # 22, 12" x 14" Acrylic on Board

Clown # 23, 8"x10" Acrylic on Board

  Last Saturday was the "Night of 1000 Andys" at the Artisphere. As you may have heard, Astro Pop Events put on a little game show, whose name is ably being demonstrated by Kittie Glitter in the photo below.

People loved what I did with last Halloween's 55 gallon drums...
Here's the set as we were setting up....only a dozen more bananas to go!
The finale of the evening...Elvis and Andy go head to head as the celebrities in POP Pyramid

 Artisphere also commissioned me to create a photo op (you can see the design HERE) and it seemed to be getting some heavy usage! Can you name the celebrities depicted?

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Here's this weeks roundup of Creepy Clowns:

Clown # 17
Acrylic on Board
14" x 17"

Clown # 18
Acrylic on Board
16" x 14"

Clown # 19
Acrylic on Board
8" x 10"

Clown # 20
Acrylic on Board
16" x 20"

Clown # 21
Acrylic on Board
5" x 5"
(after Picasso's Family of Saltimbanques)
The other news this week is that Astro Pop Events will be hosting "POP! The Game Show" at Artisphere's "Night of a Thousand Andys" this Saturday October 12. Here's a peek at the design of the set:

And here is a design of the photo op that Astro Pop Events is building for the event:

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Clown Roundup # 2

After taking a week off to cruise around the North Atlantic (Maine, New Brunswick and Halifax) I am back and ready for another CREEPY CLOWN ROUNDUP!

(if you are interested in purchasing any, please visit the Creepy Clowns Web page)

#9 Acrylic on Board 20" x24"(SOLD)

#10 Acrylic on Board 11" x 14"

#11 Acrylic on Oak Board, 11" x 14"

# 12 Acrylic on Board 8" x 16"

#13 Acrylic on Board 5" x 7"

#14 Acrylic on Board 5" x 7"

# 15 Acrylic on Board 12" x 16"

# 16 Acrylic on Board 11" x 14" (SOLD)