Thursday, May 15, 2014

Imagination Stage's Childrens Ball and the Three Amigos

Since Yuri's Night has closed I have been busy working on Imagination Stage's Children's Ball, which happened this past Saturday...below are the set designs and then event photos of the final product...the theme this year was essentially paired with their current theatrical production, a hip hop version of Cinderella.

 A big thanks goes out to Jason Krznarich for building from my photoshop wizardry...Rachel Garmon for making it all happen on the I.S. tip, Pavlos Karalis for the event photos above and big ups to my long-suffering wife who was instrumental in the design process.

Also, I should mention that I participated in the "El Mundo De Los Luchadores" show with Art Whino (at the DC Fairgrounds) and a lucky couple was able to walk away with my luchador art...

Los Tres Amigos, Acrylic on Masonite 48" x48"
I was perhaps over-thinking the project...but basically, I was envisioning a hopeful sign painter in the 1950's in the small town of Santa Poco, having been told of the exploits of these strange gringos that saved the town in the 1930, and the rousing speech of Lucky Day that said that we all have our own El Guapo to face in life. Since luchadors often have a civic role and a positive message for communities in Mexico, I thought that a second generation of luchadors might have modeled themselves after the three amigos. The hand painted sign was never taken down and got 60 years of weather on it....and then I added the tromp l'oeil Christmas lights for effect...