Friday, November 02, 2012

Missed Necronomicon Pages and Haunted Walk-Thru Video

Spooktacular XIII is complete, and we all had a blast, thank you for attending. There have been lots of folks who could not attend asking about unclaimed Neconomicon pages. Yes, some were unclaimed, so if you would still like one, they are available through the artbyjared website HERE

Also, I have been getting folks asking about the haunted walk-thru, and if there was video of it...well, the only video that survived the night was of the walk-thru during the daytime (with unfortunate narration by yours truly)

Blogger will not let me upload videos from Vimeo, so you will just have to click through the following link to see the video of the Spooktacular XIII walk-thru:

 There are more photos of the Spooktacular out there, and I'd love to see them, so please send them along!