Thursday, September 21, 2006

To Dine For Photos and the Finger

Here's the first bad camera phone shot of the "To Dine For" event. But you can still make out a naughty monkey...
Trixie Doing her Thang...
And the final result, without all those pesky Burlesque performers.

The "To Dine for" event went really well. I even sold a painting...And its always a good feeling to get some more mileage out of the old Toxic Tikis.

Speaking of Lobs...Look for this on a T-shirt soon:The rest of this week has been Pirates, Pirates, fact I need to stop writing now and help with load in!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pirtates have taken my Sphadoinkel

PIRATES has really hit a full head of steam. As I write this I am worried that we will not get the whole thing painted by load in...But I did paint the Trixie portal, and I took it to Charm City this morning. Here is a shot of it at the shop....See you at the event on Saturday! (I'll even have some paintings for sale...) I'll post pictures from the event, next week!Center pannel of Trixie's "To Dine For" Portal.
8'X4', Luan, Foam, Leopard Print fabric

Left and Right Pannels of Trixie's "To Dine For" Portal
Each 6'x4', Paint on cut Luan

Friday, September 08, 2006

Really been slippin'

Hey there, looks like the end of summer, and I have been slippin' on the whole blog thing. Here is the most succinct account of the past two weeks events I can muster:

Fire at the CANNIBAL! Dress rehearsal
Fantastic party at Amy's
Shipped Paintings for MotorCityTiki3
Painting begins on Pirates
Art festival mural project went south
Prep for Meat and Greet party
And finally,
Trixie Little's To Dine For event portal
Digital Sketch. 1"=1'

More next week, I promise!