Saturday, February 27, 2016

Big Blog Update!

I seem to start every post with "its been a long time since the last post"....well, this will be a record. The Artbyjaredblog was last updated 7 (!) months ago...In all fairness, I have been busy.

My most important accomplishment in the past seven months has been the birth of my son, Maxwell Taylor Davis (Pictured below at his 4 month birthday)

It should also be noted that we moved houses around the same time as Max's arrival...

Upshur Street...we lived there from 2004-2015

Fern Street

And we still did the halloween party...With a giant "Indiana Jones" boulder in the backyard...

Video of Dave Moretti demonstrating the boulder...

SPOOKTACULAR Committee photo...
Max's reaction to his first Halloween with Dad
 I made a series of "Curses" for the giveaways this year (they are all on small blocks of wood)

And then there was Holiday Starkillers. A Star Wars themed art show at the Anacostia Arts Center. I Created some cubist star wars themed work... 

I also had some work up at this year's Artomatic...some of the remaining pages of he Necronomicon.

I also Designed and created the lobby display for Imagination Stage's Frog and Toad:

And Finally, Elvis Birthday Fight Club:
This year's banners...



The Queen and Freddie Mercury rock out!

The "Bohemian Rhapsody" Finale!

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