Thursday, June 09, 2011

Some greatest hits from the hiatus

As promised, here are some of the greatest hits from the hiatus of the last three months...

Sookie in the CONE OF SHAME (post spaying)

The set for Yuri's Night in the Dome, with Capt. Ballcrusher, #2 and Drinkbot...a full accounting of the Countdown To Yuri's Night experience can be had at

The Dome lit up during the Atomic Mosquitos preshow set.

the Photo Op for Yuri's Night...Oddly, there are few photos of this...

The Artisphere Ballroom with Eastern Standard Time skankin' it up!

The Set Design for B-Team...such as it is...

The Set Design for Psycho Beach Party (BTW, Scenery Appreciation Nites for both B-Team and Psycho Beach party are June 17 and 18th respectively)

Production photo of Psycho Beach Party

My wall at the G40...Its part of the stencil show...I did my best to do very thick stencils on the paintings of the flames and stalactites, which isn't really what the other kids were only have one week left to see this fantastic HERE

Mr. Toad car Photo Op for Imagination Stage (repurposed from the Spookydog Clue Caravan!)

A very tired Sookie at the Marcatus festival at Yards Park...

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