Friday, October 12, 2007

Screenprint Designs for the OCHO

This week all I have documented are some designs for the "prizes" for the OCHO...they were drawn, cut, and scanned into photoshop to help organize the screenprinting (really stencil printing) process. I have been printing them on black paper, and where you see ochre, I have used gold ink. I have also added some glow in the dark ink to the white ink, for that special Halloween feel...Thanks to this process of designing on the computer, I have had little trouble (spoiled prints, poor registration) with the actual printing. I'll post some examples of the finished products as they are completed.
Cortez and tree border (the borders and center images are interchangeable)

Corazon and eyes border

Diablito and flowers border

The Oferenda show opens tomorrow, so come on out and make a sugar skull!
Next week, progress on the Lobsterboy backdrop!

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