Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mai Tais and semester bye byes

What do a Pineapple, Green Drink Monkey and a disembodied tongue have in common?

Well, dear BTT readers, are getting a sneak peek at the next big thing in kitchen decor...Stay tuned for the grand unveiling! (Needless to say, much of my week has been taken up with this thing!)

Friday was "Meet the Artist" night at ArtoMatic. Aloha to everyone who attended. I understand that, in a very unscientific poll, the Mai Tai was named as best free beverage...EVER! In the crush of art aficionados, I was able to expound on my art theory, and why it is that I am drawn to painting Bears and Monkeys...I even sold a painting that didn't even have any monkeys or bears. (Frog prince, for those who are counting, has a frog and a tiki...)

On Saturday, most of my day was taken up with setting up and tearing down the mobile stage for the Gin Blossoms. I didn't see the show, so don't ask. I was a bit grumpy because when I said I would be there for strike, I didn't know that I would be missing the Mayweather Vs. De La Hoya fight...Turns out, I was able to catch the last four rounds standing on my tip-toes looking into an Ethiopian restaurant on 28th St, at 12:30 at at least I can say I saw some of it...

On Monday, I attended my final classes for this semester at the Corcoran. The critique of 14 paintings went fairly well, but the class didn't seem to have much experience with the crit it was kinda a "lead by the nose" sort of morning...
In Academic portrait painting, I went in with the idea that I didn't have much to do, and that I might even paint a one session study, however, I wound up changing the background, and therefore most everything else...I don't have a picture this week, so I will try to remember to post it next time!

And now I really need to swing into action to make enough new work for the install of the WPAC 9x10 show on Monday! I have four monkey paintings planned. (with their accompanying drawings) They will all be based on the "Sea Monkey" theme that I discussed a few weeks ago. The first will be of the monkeys in the sub, Second will be the monkeys in a car on the way to the bar (they rented one for the duration of their shore leave), Third will be of them in the tiki bar brawling, and fourth will be of them in the brig...It should be very cute, if I can pull it off between now and Monday! By this time next week, I will be posting pictures of them...installed!

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