Thursday, April 12, 2007

Art-o-Matic opens!

I need to be brief because I am trying to get to the Russian Embassy for Yuri's night tonight (and they stop serving vodka at 11!)

As the title states, Art-o-Matic opens this Friday, April 13th. You can get the scoop on everything here. I am located on the 6th floor, in the red section...I'm the first room as you turn right at the reception desk by the glass...Here are some pics of the room, so you will have some idea of what to look for:

This is a view from the doorway...I am not showing my roommate's (Eric Peterson Photography) work here, because the Treo camera has no fish eye lens...

This is a closeup of the tiki...he is kind enough to hold all my cards and starburst candies...
Loyal readers of BTT will recognize some scenery getting a second shot at the spotlight...This wall has most of my latest work
This is "BBQ Bear" which is one of the new "bear" paintings. I had an old plastic frame from goodwill, and he seemed to fit the "tondo" format...(I again want to apologize for the Treo photo, I have better ones at home, but I took these once we finished installing...)

This one is called "Screening at the organ grinders local"...the photo here is particularly bad. There are lots of blues in this painting, because I was trying to concentrate on painting a picture about being in the dark...Anyway, its much better in person, so you'll just have to come to Art-o-Matic to see it!
This is the "Backyard Bear" painting, which if you look closely, has the negative of the "BBQ Bear" (that is, the cut paper negative) I have been stuck on a lighting kick lately, and I think that this one has a real presence in that dept.

I am also showing some pastel drawings, but the photos were so full of glare that it made it useless to show you pictures of them.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add my homework....I'll do another post tomorrow...or perhaps a twofer next week!


Sara Habich said...

Cool - I wasn't sure what to expect with the new bear / monkey series, but I love these paintings! Especially the 'organ grinders local' ...

See you at Art-O-Matic tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Great work! WOW! You'll do great - see you tonight