Thursday, March 29, 2007


The "O" in the middle is the "eye of the storm" this past week. The two major developments are site selection at Art-o-Matic, and finishing the scenery for Lobsterboy's Ship-o-Fools...

Since its always great to have boobies be the first thing to appear when you open the blog, I have chosen to post my Lobsterboy scenery first:

Mermaid figurehead, SR
Lobsterboys' Ship-o-Fools, Painted luan flats Aprox 7'x11'
Barnacled pier and treasure chest, SL
Lobsterboy's Ship-o-Fools, Painted luan flats Aprox 7'x11'

These are going to be the flanking pieces around the Squid and Whale backdrop from the Toxic Tiki show last spring. The Mermaid will get some real tassels, so that she will comply with the law (I wonder if that really applies to scenery...) Unfortunately, that is the extent of the "functionality" of the scenery...i.e. it doesn't have an ass for anything to come out of....

The other major development was the site selection at Art-o-Matic. KT and I got there on Sunday and picked through the scraps that the other artists had left from Saturday. I think we did pretty well, we got the first room when you turn right from the info desk on the 6th floor (the room number is 6T17, in the red section) I have one roommate, who's phone number on his card is not I have yet to coordinate with him about what part of the room is his vs. mine.
Room 6T17 Red, Art-o-Matic
Ably demonstrated by KT

I think I will be doing some sort of installation in my room...perhaps a big tiki in the corner. If I luck out and get the whole wall (not pictured, but its on the right) I might stick the mermaid on the wall...

One of the things I need to do for Hukilau is send some of my promotional materials to them for their website. They specifically asked for a logo, so I have been kicking around making a new logo in conjunction with a new business card. Let me know what you think.
New logo design on redesigned business card

Speaking of logos, I also developed a logo for Jarett Bakers new theatrical sound company...he said he wanted a pinup girl sitting on his lettering...
Theater Image logo girl

All that's left now is to show you my schoolwork. 14 Paintings was a another day of figurative abstraction, this time centering on line. We started a discussion on Brice Marden in class (actually Steven was kinda dissing him) so I ended up trying to make a similar sort of painting. I really just wound up doodling with the paint...which is where I don't like to be when I am making abstract work...I don't think that this a very good painting in the end.

14 Paintings...Fifth painting
Figurative abstraction with lines

In Academic Portrait painting I actually got a chance to paint. I was really suffering from not having the color "permanent rose", which is a magenta-like color...the model has a magenta-purple dress on, and she has read hair. So I borrowed some from a classmate and the whole painting brightened up. I only have two more sessions with this model...

Academic Portrait Painting
Second model third session

Next week I will have photos of this Sunday's Lobsterboy's Ship-o-Fools @ the Birchmere!

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