Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Slow Motion after getting my life back

My Mom came into town just as I finished the MICA application. She is always pleasant enough, however she helped complicate things. I took her to see Noises Off and Kate’s press night for the Heiress. I helped strike Noises right after she got in the air. And then went to the Phillips collection with our second round house guests, Kyle and Alexia. I always enjoy the Phillips Collection, but this time the pictures seemed a bit staid. I did, however, get a big jazz out of some of the Bonnard paintings. Seeing them in the flesh really gets my juices flowing. I really admire the visual depth and complexity that they have. I feel like I would want to own one, just to be able to pass by it every day and see a bit deeper into the painting. I really want my work to feel that way. Part of the way that is achieved is having intentionally vague brushwork, something that I normally don’t ascribe to, because in today’s world it means a lack of technique

Kate got sick, and for presidents day we installed Elfa in the basement and went shopping with Sara. I wasn’t any fun to take a sick KT to H&R Block to get our taxes done. We got significantly less than we did last year, but you can only get the “first time home buyer credit” once.

I have not been able to get my mothers bed out of the studio, (Oh the irony) so I haven’t gotten any preliminary work done. I have no real plans, but my blood is boiling. I am at the stage where I have some somewhat unrelated projects on the table, but I try to do anything else besides work on them because what I really want to do is work on my own work…but I don’t do that either! Ill be out of this valley soon. I think I will get the studio back on Sunday…a good two days after my first real meeting with lobsterboy…

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