Friday, January 20, 2006

Two days late

I have gotten behind on my weekly update. Here’s the chronology: Finished Trixie Valentines day flyer, finished Noises off set painting, saw Wicked, Lame party at Natasha’s, breakfast at Colorado café, buildings museum, Project Runway, Grocery Shopping, Installed Armoire, Project Runway, Started walking to work, Trixie stops design work on portal, French Indian war on PBS, Portfolio Redesign, Ritz Camera.

That, in a nutshell, are the highlights of my week. What I don’t seem to be able to convey are the profound moments that I had hoped this blog would help recount. I can say this, my upcoming MICA open house/portfolio review, has gotten me thinking about my work. More importantly, what trajectory my work needs to go in. My portfolio has two definite worlds represented. One theater, and one Painting. Most of the painting is not represented Pre-tiki.

Rarefied air

In Project Runway, one of the contestants was making a dowdy postal uniform, and Tim came in and said that it needed to be more fabulous because the judges are used to the “rarefied air” of the professional runway…Transpose this anecdote into the art world, and my “tiki” art, and you have a good idea of the anxiety that I am experiencing. You see, my work is more about seduction with comfortable images and themes. But underneath there is a color sensibility and a caustic subtext. But you have to break through that veneer first. The prejudices that these gatekeepers have against “kitsch” may prevent them from seeing the potential of this mode of artmaking. Additionally, I don’t want to change my work in order to please them, because that has led to a bad place for me in the past.

Time gets away from me again, see you next week…

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