Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blogger for word mystery

Blogger for word mystery

The blogger for word mystery is solved. It turns out all you need to do is to close outlook to keep BFW from disappearing. Now on to the next great mystery!

It has been such a long week; I don’t have time to even recount all of it in the blog. Chronologically it goes something like this:

Dropped off paintings to Molly. Weisnewskis party. Joel and I drive to Detroit. Joel wrecks car in Breezewood. Meet Ken Freeman at big boy. Cool ideas about a hand die press. KT comes in to DTW. Xmas Dinner with Gimpy Ellen. Everyone bailed on midnight Mass. KT and I go anyway, but talk about how I have too many disparate things going on, and how I should change my schedule to be a four day week with longer days. All Polish mass in Hamtramck. Chinese food and Kong with Clark and Carol. Loaded up giant cabinet and sacred cow. Uneventful drive back to DC. TACT loads into T2. Geico Estimate of $2025, with $1000 Deductible. Pickup KT from DCA. Appointment set for next week with Rainbow Auto body. Bought materials for pegboard for the costume shop with Hal. Began erecting Noises off set. Vectorworks designed some of Trixie’s rocket. Found out that Penny-farthing wheels are hard to come by, and expensive. Setup business account at Chevy chase bank. Got KT’s car inspected. Failed. Ordered a new gas cap. Shopped for NYE party fixins. Loaded up Karaoke equipment.

Not much time for “real art” in there… I am looking forward to getting the holidays behind me….

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