Friday, December 19, 2014

All of the Quaalaise Adverts in one place

Lots of folks have been asking for an explanation for the Quaalaise ads. Mostly these are people who have not seen Elvis' Birthday Fight Club before. But for the uninitiated, I will try to give you an explanation (but you must promise that you will purchase tickets to the show after I tell you).

First, Quaalaise is a fictional product. So, dont try to get it on Amazon, because they will not know what you are talking about.

As Commodius, Elvis' talking toilet that he died on, explains, "It is a combination of Quaaludes and Mayonnaise...or 'Quaalaise', if you will."

You can indeed purchase "Quaalaise" during the show, but you are probably just going to throw it into the toilet in the end.

I have been producing the ads as a ramp-up to the show, and they have been so much fun, I am considering actually manufacturing some Quaalaise so we can do it all year long!

So, here they are all in one place. More will be added between now and the show date, but I cant say how many. Please let me know which one you like best, or if you have a good idea for a new one!

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