Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow, what a night! We had two sold out shows, added a third in between (which also sold out) and still had to turn people away! And for those who stood out in the cold to get in, it was soooo worth it! Below I have compiled a "best of" photo gallery of the show, provided by our good friends at Stereo Vision photography. (there were other sources of photography, and commentary...Here at BYT, Here at MetroMix and Here on the blog of the woman who did trivia in the third show...but Stereo Vision had the most comprehensive photo coverage...)

The Elvis Backdrop for the evening (painted by yours truly)

Andrew W. puppeteering Commodious the king's "throne"

Elvis knows how to make an entrance!

Elvis needs a hot side kick...Kittie Glitter

Rev Valentine lets us know what round it is...

In fight cage #1, our first gladiator: THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT!

ABE LINCOLN looks like he has the upper hand on the Monument...

LI'L DUTCH adds some glitter (and Ta-Tahs) to the nights proceedings...

LUCRETIA BLOZIA is fixin' for a fight...

This ain't no reality TV SARA PALIN!

You just got knocked out by the Teabag Express!

REV VALENTINE and CANDY DEL RIO get ready for some Jailhouse Rock!

This ROBOT was programmed to DESTROY!

Not since the Nagano Olympics has there been a bigger upset than the fight between the MONUMENT and the ROBOT!

No KITTIE, you cant hoop and use a mic at the same time!

ELVIS didn't have to fight (because it was his birthday) but he was ready!

OUI OUI NON NON shared an intimate moment at the drive-in...

COL SANDERS Calls out the chicken!

SANDERS gets it in the "eggs"

Blinded by his own bucket! oh the irony!

OH NO, its the Karate Kid "Crane Kick"!

LUCRETIA states the obvious while DUTCH and VALENTINE squabble...

Well, someone has to be the adult around here!

STELLA SWEET and CANDY DEL RIO try to remove the fallen queen...

Little known fact: Robots and Eggs DO NOT MIX!

Defeated ROBOT

Egg Aftermath

CHICKEN is victorious!


Thanks again to everyone for such an amazing night! You can relive more EBFC moments at and also get info about the next event: COUNTDOWN TO YURI'S NIGHT on April 9th 2011 at Arlington's Artisphere!

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