Thursday, March 04, 2010

CAPTION CONTEST for Yuri's Night Painting

Yuri's Night Countdown: T-Minus 37 days

I think I need your help with a caption for the painting I am planning for Yuri's Night. Well, to be fair it is not really a "caption contest" per se...What I need is something snappy to be put on a sign in the painting. Here, check out the watercolor sketch first:

The Skeleton and the Visitors Watercolor Sketch
Watercolor on Paper 5"x7"

Okay, so the gist of the painting is that we are on a planet in the future, and that the robot in the smokey bear hat is showing some younger robots an ancient archaeological site with the skeletonized remains of an American astronaut, while the wreckage of his rocket looms in the background. So, the help I need from you is: what should go on the sign in the lower right? I have toyed with these answers, perhaps they will inspire you:

  • Ancient Archaeological Site
  • National Park, Mars
  • 00101001010001
  • Extinct Meat Based Life Form

I don't really have a prize to offer, its more of a cry for help...I look forward to your answers in the comments...

The other thing that has taken up most of this week has been the painting (and completion!) of the "Springtime for Hitler" drop. Unfortunately, I cannot show you the whole thing because the producers wont let me...but here is a small element to whet your whistle:

This weekend is the G40 Summit in Crystal should really try to make it out to what can only be called a "mini artomatic" (I'll have four pieces hanging on the 8th floor)....the opening is this Saturday...Check out this Link for more info

I'll see you next week, where we will celebrate the "less than a month" Countdown to Yuri's Night...


Anonymous said...

1: Dehydrated - ran out of Tang

2: He came, he saw, he decomposed.

3: Keep your stinky paws off!

Jared said...

That's great Anonymous, I especially like the Dehydrated one...perhaps we can get Kraft (the makers of Tang) to sponsor Countdown to Yuri's Night with that one...

Another caption in the running that didn't post on the comments was:

No Photo

Or should it be "no foto"? I wonder which one is more universal...perhaps a pictogram would be appropriate here...