Friday, October 17, 2008


Do you like the direction the designs for President Harding is a Rock Star are going? I was working on a redesign and I started thinking that Obama has been called a "rock star" by those McCain ads with Paris what is the icon that has symbolized Obama's Rock star status? Why the Shepard Fairey "Hope" prints (stickers, etc) of course:

I have redesigned the set a tiny bit to accommodate the new direction, but I don't have drawings for you because I am going to have the darn thing built soon enough...Hopefully Landless will see fit to use the new graphic in their advertising...hopefully capitalizing on the Shepard Fairey excitement going on in DC right now...

Anyway, this has been a off balance week, which is why I am posting this late on a Friday. Last Saturday, KT and I went to the biggest Gay event in the DC area (perhaps the East Coast?) Here's a link to a video to give you an idea of what zanyness we stepped into

Gobo for Miss Adams Morgan Pageant in the "Hinkley Hilton"

We were rooting for our favorite Miss New Jersey, Donnatella Nobody...who was unfortunately unable to take the title this year (Miss Alaska won) but is only a few broken kneecaps away from being queen...

The other homefront news is that my cat cant poop (although an awesome name for a punk band....Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Cat Cant Poop!) Anyway, its costing me big bucks to have him irrigated from time to time...and it is a bit wearing on my psyche too...

Concerning the Halloween party, I have made lots of progress painting the tikis you saw the designs for last post. All of the following are 3 foot wide and 8 foot tall on black velour...and will be available for rent for your upcoming tiki party, right after they are used in the Karaoke Cave at Spooktacular IX, Heart of Darkness...





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