Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Zombie Prom and gearing up for Italy

This week has been all about getting ready to go to Italy. Scott is leaving today (?) so he will have a week's head start on the rest of us...which is great because it means that the initial awkwardness of being in a foreign country will have worn off for him by the time we get there, making him a much more able "guide" (i.e. we wont have to strike out blindly to find breakfast on our first day...for example)

So it all comes down to a matter of packing now. I have been listening to the CDs in the car, reading the travel books, boning up on my art history...but what it really comes down to is what can I fit into a overhead compartment! (that and my paralyzing fear of flying to get over...)

But on the artistic front, I must say that Yuri's Night is clipping along nicely...I think that there will be lots to do when I get back, but I can say we are leaving with good momentum...

One of the projects I took against my better judgment was Zombie Prom. I am really too busy to be designing a show, but there is just something about zombies that melts my heart. Anyway, below are some of the sketches for the show...its set in a high school...the whole show is a sendup of the 50's "Grease" type I decided to set the whole thing on the front steps of Enrico Fermi High.
First Sketch for Zombie Prom set
Pencil and Photoshop

Floor Plan for Zombie Prom
VectorWorks drawing

The show is on a shoestring, but I think we can make most of it work with the stock scenery that they have at the theater...its really too bad it opens the weekend before Yuri's Night...I'd actually enjoy being more involved with the show...

There is a chance that I will not post before I leave, so this may be goodbye for awhile...but if I get the chance, I'll blog from Italy...Chao

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