Friday, February 02, 2007

Corcoran Mondays Week 2

As promised, here are the updates to the classwork from last Monday.

Academic Portrait Painting First pose, second session

So, I was able to apply paint during this session. My impulse was to just use thin washes to preserve the drawing underneath as a guide, however, Natasha instructed me to use lots of paint. I did what she said, and applied more paint, but I did it timidly, knowing that I have another four hours ahead of me next week...that's where I will really pour on the lusty brushwork! The model changed her hair from last week, from those cornrows into a straightened swept back sort of thing...that's why the hair is so nebulous. I will also add her earrings, which should make her less masculine...

14 Paintings in 14 weeks, first week
Black and white still life

The first week of actual painting comprised of a intentionally bad still life setup (I believe it was a test) of just black and white and reflective objects. We were restricted to black and white paint. The bad cameraphone photo shows some areas as apologies. Texture was what I tried to focus on, so again the photo fails...Looking around the room, it seems like I am one of the few experienced painters in the class. It seems that this class will not be what I expected at the start (seeing as I have taken this type of class many times before) but it will be a real good examination of my preconceptions and methodologies in painting...That, in the end, seems to be what Steven's teaching philosophy is all about.

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